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Islamic Astronomy

Islamic Astronomy - history and value of the Arabian astronomy

In this article the short review of Islamic astronomy which also name Arabian is given. Before occurrence of astronomy as a science, Islamic Arabs relied on the empirical knowledge of stars. The great value is given to genesis and development of Islamic astronomy during the period with 8 for 14 centuries Development astronomy receives in such places, as the Near East, the North Africa, and then Mauritian Spain. In these areas and regions as it is known, the big break in astronomy has been made, and Europe has made the first steps to an enlightenment in dark centuries.

Early influences

Thanks to association of the several overseas people Sasanidov, эллинистической and the Indian nation, the Islamic astronomy, (known as Arabian) has received a fast push to development.

The Indian influence on the Arabian astronomy can be seen in transfer of works written on a Sanskrit. Also transfer of Zidzh of the al-shah of a collection of astronomical tables which have been made within two centuries in Persia - shows strong Persian influence on Islamic astronomy. Knowledge of mathematics in astronomy is very important, therefore it is no wonder that distribution to the Arabian astronomy placed emphasis on mathematics.

Besides similarity with the central ancient civilisations, the Arabian astronomy suggested to address to other cultural influences. It is connected with variety of problems begun for the religious practices connected in basic with хронометражом. Therefore it is not surprising that Almagest - work of Ptolemeja became, significant event in Islamic astronomy, with accent on assyrians, Greeks, the Persian and Roman chronological tables for timing referring to astronomical events. It includes knowledge of astronomy and geometry and shows art of the Arabian astronomy of those times. Evklid whom and today still name the expert on an astrology has caused a stir also. It became known as the greatest for the astronomer or "Al-megiste".

The inheritance

Islam has made the considerable contribution to area of mathematics and astronomy in the form of such opening as Ekvatorium, Planosfera, a lunno-solar calendar, a spherical astrolabe, армиллярная sphere, a compass, a dial, cartographical. Till now it is possible to meet the astronomical terms borrowed from an Islamic astrology in a modern science: an azimuth, zenith, Altair and Deneb, альмукантараты and an alidade.

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