Astronomy ancient Inks

Astronomy ancient Inks was very detailed and exact. The empire Inkov was the largest empire in America before arrival of Europeans on their earth. The culture инков comprised knowledge of astronomy, movement of the sun, the moon and stars in the sky. The astronomical phenomena have taken roots in their daily problems, and you know now that they are extremely important part of their way of life.

Astronomical supervision ancient Inks
Инки did not use telescopes because (strangely enough) they did not have our today's technologies. Knowledge which they have got, have been received from centuries-old supervision of the sky and record of extremely exact data that they saw. People who stored these records, as a rule, were considered wise and sacred in the people and had the big importance and weight. They watched such things, as a motion cycle of the Sun and the Moon in a current of year. Traced days between solstice and equinox events, ancient инки could foretell that will occur in the future.

In capital of a city of Cuzco, stone towers on a horizon line have been constructed to note those points where the sun will rise, and to define days of a solstice and an equinox. Thus, people who observed of stars, could compare that has occurred within one year that has occurred in other years.