The medieval astronomy speaks what even in dark (in respect of education) centuries people studied stars

Probably, you heard the term medieval astronomy, but I think accurate concept at you of it was not. Nobody can blame you, after all the medieval period is called also as the Dark century. The majority of people think that art, mathematics and sciences as a whole at this time has been badly developed. However, despite existing restriction by church formation, in the Middle Ages discoveries still proceeded.

Astronomy in Dark centuries

People in the Middle Ages were interested in astronomy for some reasons. The religion was one of the most important components of that time. The medieval astronomy was used for definition of dates of carrying out of sacred days, such as Easter. This holiday took the big and special place in a calendar of each year. All because initially date of Easter was defined on Easter of the Jewish holidays. The Jewish calendar is based on a lunar cycle or the moon. And a medieval calendar was it is based on Sun movement. Thus, supervision over the sky was necessary for definition of exact date when there will be this very important holiday.

The sun and the Moon

The medieval astronomy has been based on four principal views of heavenly bodies. The First was the sun - the most important object in the sky. At that time people thought that it moves round the Earth. Nevertheless, they still looked at the sun to understand, what season to learn certain time when to put landings. As the second most important heavenly body in the Middle Ages considered the Moon. Its position used for definition of holidays and other important events. Was considered that the moon as well as the sun too moves round the Earth.

Stars were the following on importance. During the medieval period it was not known yet that the Sun is a star. Instead for stars considered accurately certain fires in the sky. Medieval people were well informed about all constellations which we know in Northern hemisphere for today. The majority of medieval astronomers was used by Aristotle's knowledge of the sky which consisted of concentric spheres of a crystal. To each planets, stars and other heavenly bodies, the sphere has been given. Foma Akvinsky, the philosopher of early church, has created the astronomy recognised as church throughout hundreds of years.