History of Astronomy

If we look at space history first of all we will pay attention to those people who lived for a long time. Because, the astronomy, as a science then arose.

To people who lived during ancient times, that they have seen in the sky was curious. They wanted to learn, why comes day and night. They very much wanted to know about the sun and the moon. They were curious, as well as we!

These ancient people have noticed that heavenly bodies moved in such a manner that it could be predicted. Soon enough they have learnt that they could use such knowledge, that on stars to define time. They have understood that can learn it only by position of positions of certain stars, for example, such as North star. Ancient people used полученые knowledge stars, in the purposes and for science development. They after all did not have tools and possibilities which we have today. Such tools, as telescopes and computers.

Some groups of ancient people have made the big opening in astronomy. Therefore we cannot speak about astronomy and not mention them. Important opening and the contribution to astronomy history have made and have brought:

The Babylon astronomy

Ancient Greek astronomy

Drevneegipetsky astronomy

Astronomy of Ancient Maya

Astronomy of Aztecs

Astronomy инков

Drevnekitajsky astronomy

Medieval astronomy

Islamic astronomies

The Indian astronomy

Astronomy of the American Indians