Astronomy of ancient Aztecs

The astronomy of ancient Aztecs always was an integral part in their daily culture. Stars, planets, and celestial motions in the Universe defined the most part of existing traditions of Aztecs which influenced daily decisions made by them.

Astronomy of ancient Aztecs and architecture

Many think that only Egyptians were ancient group of people which did buildings and pyramids noteworthy stories at lessons, but also Aztecs have caused a stir the same. They have developed the whole structures of buildings in which basis knowledge of the sun, the moon and stars lay, thereby, expressing the gratitude to the stars and constructions created by them.

Astronomy and calendar of Aztecs

If ever there were doubts that Aztecs had deep knowledge of astronomy after detection ацтекского a calendar (also known under the name «Sun Stone») doubts have vanished.

The calendar of Aztecs represents a monolithic basalt disk with the symbolical image ацтекской космогонии and a solar cult. It is the big round stone, 3,60 m in diameter and 1,22 m at thickness and 24 tons weigh. A calendar this very big and very heavy. On creation of this impressing calendar it was required more than 50 years, quickly enough, considering that Aztecs did not have such instruments of labour as a hammer and a drill.

As Aztecs considered, to our Universe existed and four Universes were lost. Now we live in the fifth era (Four Earthquake) which Supreme sun is god Tonatiu. In its honour it is necessary to bring regularly human a victim not to admit  destruction of the world. The central disk

In the disk centre there is a person of solar god Tonatiu with two hands-paws in bracelets, with eyes and eyebrows, a symbol of that nothing can disappear from its sight. In each hand of Tonatiu holds human heart, its language is represented in the form of a silicon knife that symbolises necessity of sacrifices for a continuity of movement of the sun.

Four era
Four squares surrounding a deity, mean four sun — four era preceding the present fifth sun.