Ancient Chinese Astronomy

Ancient Chinese Astronomy and opening in the Far East have brought the important contribution to the general history of astronomy. We know on studying of ancient Chinese books that some have been made of the earliest astronomical supervision in China. Early books on astronomy have been published by priests and other travellers who went to the Far East and China.

The first event in astronomy

The first planetarium ever created on the earth was it is made in Ancient China. Chineses wanted to watch with its help celestial motion.

Opening of solar system and tracing of seasons in ancient Chinese astronomy

Emperor Jao ruled over astronomers and has specified to make records about a solstice and an equinox. The solstice will occur, when the Sun is in the greatest removal from heavenly equator. A summer solstice - the longest day in a year, and a winter solstice the shortest day in a year. The autumn and spring equinox occurs, when the Sun crosses a plane of equator of the Earth, are day and night equal on length. They used these measurements in particular, for tracking the periods.


On the basis of reports of a primitive calendar, it is possible to draw a conclusion that ancient Chineses knew that year consists of 365 days replacing each other. This surprising achievement which was made by ancient Chineses during careful studying and supervision, also shows that they have been advanced in their reasons and knowledge.

The first astronomical observatories

By 2300 B.C. ancient Chineses of use of a building who created for supervision over the sky. These buildings have helped them to observe various heavenly events, such as solar eclipses and comets. Every time when there was a solar eclipse, Chineses predicted health and success to the emperor.

Achievements of ancient Chineses

So, as you see, ancient Chineses have made many important opening in astronomy. They, possibly, were not the first people looking at the sky as on a miracle, but they were curious to examine and remember movements of the sun and planets to create their models, and to write down all supervision. We tell them many thanks for their scientific achievements in the field of astronomy.