The astronomy of the Babylon

The astronomy of the Babylon period begins nearby 2000-1600 BC when the Babylon astronomers aspired to understand and learn day length and nights, rising and Moon calling, occurrence and disappearance of Venus.

The Kassitsky Period of the Babylon astrology begins approximately from 1570-1160 BC where the basic attention has been given planetary and star occurrences. Supervision continued and in the afternoon.
During this period the Babylon astronomers have divided a stage from occurrence of the moon before occurrence of full month into 4 equal parts.

Exact supervision of fixed stars have been fixed in an interval 1400-900 BC Ancient Babylon astronomy has developed the scheme of such stars and the constellations, which steels to connect with 12 calendar months.

The history of astronomy of record 1000-600 is considered BC as the latest Assyrian period in which detailed researches of fixed stars and their occurrence have been made. Zodiac constellations have connected with a way of movement of the Moon, the Sun and planets. Seasons, and also supervision and predictions of eclipses have been specified and created.

626-539 BC is the neo-Babylon period named also халдейским the period. Neo-Babylon (халдейский) the period (626-539 BC).
During this period was knowledge in the field of division of the zodiac into 12 characteristics is received. Each of which had thirty directions. 630 BC became the beginning of the most exact regular supervision of the Moon and planets. Especially their positions concerning fixed stars.

Thanks to diaries of ancient Babylon astronomy, more difficult and refined mathematical systems later have been opened and created. Influence of ancient Babylon astronomy is distinctly shown in the Greek astronomy and mathematical system of calculation.

The ancient Babylon astronomy is important in working out of a zodiac calendar which subsequently has gained the big distribution and popularity.

The most interesting and important that were given to us by ancient Babylon astronomy are seasons. It is possible to tell, they have transferred us system of forecasting of seasonal changes.