Ancient Greek astronomy

Birth of the centre of solar system

There was it in Ancient Greek astronomy. The Aristarch has offered space model in 3 century B.C. with the centre in solar system which has not been accepted on hurrah. But it had no time for Kopernik, and almost 2000 later when its idea was recognised. The Aristarch measured length of a shade from monuments to receive curvature of the Earth. He spent measurement of length of a shade from two monuments (one to Alexandrias, another in Thebes) in midday of day of a summer solstice.

From a difference in length of shades, and also several experiments it could receive degree of curvature of the Earth. Having made a binding to distance between two monuments, it could not give a rough estimate of the sizes of the Earth. (From the moment of its initial measurement of distance between two monuments were erroneous. The size of the Earth counted by it has appeared is too small, the error in an error has made 40 %). The scientist used the same experiences for a distance estimation between the Sun and the Earth, the Moon and the Earth.

Ancient astronomy in the Greek life

Unlike Babylon and Egypt, Ancient Greek astronomy, carried mathematical, instead of religious character. This point of view of astronomy played an important role in association between astronomy and an astrology. The Greek astronomical opening have laid down in a basis of the big scientific and mathematical knowledge which has put a world basis in which we live today.